The meaning of life: So many of us spend each day of our life searching for, or seeking the simple life answers to this question.' Its a wonderful life ' is not simply a movie. If you have the answers you seek to make this wonderful journey you can actually have one. For all its ups and downs and good and bad days, life truly is a wonderful journey, if you understand it is more about the trip then where it inevitably takes you. Along the way however there are "direction aids" that make the meaning of life a far more beneficial, spectacular, creative and pleasant journey. Don't spend a half life learning what the phrase ' its my life ' really means. Bring life and its meaning into your heart, mind and soul. The mistake most people make about finding the meaning of life is searching for the answer instead of living it. Hopefully the answers here will help you find what you seek and more importantly live the meaning or life to its fullest. Think of this as your personal life insurance site.
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